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"Save Loads of Time and Enjoy Peace of Mind Knowing Your Traffic Exchange is Running Only Quality Sites 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year!"

"Forget the Days of Checking Every Site Your Members Add By Including A PageSwirl Site Checker on Your TE Today!"

When your members see this logo on your TE they will be assured that you greatly care about what sites you let into your TE!

We put hundreds of hours into our site checker to make sure it's top of the line!

We offer Black list sharing as well!

Keep Your Traffic Exchange Clean!... Forever!

Enjoy peace of mind knowing only quality websites are rotating in your Traffic Exchange... And forget the days of manually approving each site members add!

You can now provide protection for your surfers by using our "PageSwirl Site Checker". Each time a member adds a new website, our site checker will thoroughly scan that page. We look for Malware/Phishing, viruses, check against google's database of bad sites, rotator/redirect, popups, frame breakers and allow the TE owner to share and access other TE owners white and black lists.

It's quite simple really... all you need to do is download and install the site checker on your TE and set up your personal settings. We even allow you to set up a password for your white and black list you can share with other TE owners to save you time and compile your personal lists. We give you the control and features to suit your needs.

It gets even better!

We've included your PageSwirl Site Checker referral link into our logo on the site checker page. If anyone were to click on it when they added a website into your TE, and join from this page (with your referral link) you would get the credit.

On top of that -- If someone were to purchase our site checker or other products or services you earn a commission.

Now for the biggy... we give YOU the ability to have these links fully customized with your own referral links.

Purchase A "PageSwirl Site Checker" Today

Once you add our site checker into your TE, you'll get the following benefits:

  • Save time and provide yourself and members with peace of mind!
  • Easily build your PageSwirl downline at 10x's the normal speed!
  • Earn 10-50% commission for every Site Checker and service you sell!
  • Earn long-term residual income!

If you are a current PageSwirl member, click here to login. After you've logged in, click on the "PS Site Checker" link on the main menu bar.

Other wise -- Join for Free right now by filling out the form and clicking on the "Continue" button below!

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