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"Keep Your Visitors Coming Back Time And Time Again... By Including One of Our Valuable Tips On Your Website -- And Create A Long-Term Residual Income At The Same Time!"

"Provide Valuable Content On Your Website By Including A PageSwirl Syndicated Tips Box Today!"

What's the one thing that is sought after more then anything else online?

What's the one thing that people pay Billions of dollars for every year?

What's the one thing that you need more than anything to not only get visitors to come to your site, but to keep them coming back for more?

Quality Content!... Yes! QUALITY CONTENT!

We all need quality content on our websites and in our newsletters.

You can now provide valuable content on your website by including a "PageSwirl Syndicated Tips Box". Each time a viewer loads (or refreshes) the page, a different tip is randomly displayed. Currently your choices include... Click Thru Marketing Tips, Success Tips, and Quality Quotes.

It's quite simple really... all you need to do is add a small HTML code in the places you'd like the box to appear on your web pages. We even give you the ability to customize the box in order for you to match your own web design and color scheme.

It gets even better!

In every tip box we include your new PageSwirl Syndicated referral link. If anyone were to click on it, and join from this page (with your referral link) you would get the credit.

On top of that -- we've included referral links to various traffic programs (within the content) of our "Click Thru Marketing Tips" Box.

Now for the biggy... we give YOU the ability to have these links fully customized with your own referral links by becoming a new Tips Box Pro subscriber.

Currently, there are three PageSwirl Syndicated Tip Boxes available:

Name Description
Click Thru
Marketing Tips
These tips were written to help my subscribers take advantage of the many ways to successfully advertise using the traffic exchanges online.
(Currently there are 36 CTM Tips in rotation)*
Success Tips
These are amazing success tips. Just the kind of content you want your visitors and newsletter subscribers to find on your website. View Sample (Currently there are 101 Success Tips in rotation)*
Quality Quotes
These are hand picked quotes we've been collecting for years. Include them in your HTML newsletters, or on your website for more of a professional look. View Sample (Currently there are 256 Quotes in rotation)*
*Our goal is to add as many new Tips every month as possible. We intend to make sure we keep this system valuable and light years ahead of the competition. Stay current with the PageSwirl newsletter to keep up to date with newly added tips.

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