Terms of Service

NO Adult Sites! - Most traffic exchange programs already have this rule in place. We must also enforce this rule due to the simple fact that traffic program webmasters cannot tell which sites you are rotating. The only URL they will see in their database is your PageSwirl rotator link.

If traffic program webmasters feel that they can not trust the content that is being rotated, they may very well ban PageSwirl URLs altogether. This is bad for business for ALL of us. Please take responsibility for those sites you are rotating.

NO Sites promoting HYIP Programs - Auto Surf Programs - Investment Surfs Gambling - Paid-To-Click, Paid-To-Read, and Paid-To-Promote Programs - Randomizer Programs

In plain English - NO porn, racism, anti-religious, violence, anti-government, hate, ADULT CONTENT of any kind, illegal (such as warez, pyramid schemes, etc) or other inappropriate material, which includes linking to such material.

PageSwirl.com will immediately terminate the account of any member found to be advertising any such inappropriate site and this member may be subjected to prosecution according to local laws.

NO more then one POP-UP - Members agree not to include more then one pop-up on any web page they add to their rotator in PageSwirl. For example, you CANNOT have a site that pulls up and then 2, 3, or more pop-ups come up after/before your site had loaded. Any member found doing so will have their PageSwirl account immediately terminated!

NO Rotator URL's - Members agree not to include any other rotator URL's in PageSwirl. For example, you CANNOT list your eBiz Rotator URL address as one of your PageSwirl rotator web pages. Any member found doing so will have their PageSwirl account immediately terminated!

Expired Accounts - Paid PRO membership with PageSwirl is on a subscription basis billed directly through Paypal or StormPay. We will allow each member a grace period of 24 hours before switching their account to free for non-payment.

No Frame Breakers - Members agree not to have any websites included in their rotators that break out of the frames. This applies to everyone that uses their rotator in the traffic exchanges. Any member found having sites that break out of the frames, will have those sites, immediately deleted and if the problem continues... will have PageSwirl account terminated!

Each member is ONLY allowed one FREE account - Members agree not to have more then one free account. Each member is allowed to have as many PRO accounts as they like, but only one free account. Any member found having more then one FREE account will have ALL, but one account immediately terminated!

Email Address - Every member of PageSwirl must maintain a good working email address. On a regular basis, PageSwirl will send out important news, updates and other needed information as well as a marketing newsletter. Keep your inbox cleaned out for important messages from PageSwirl.

Unsubscribing to messages from PageSwirl constitutes your desire to immediately terminate your account. This however is not the suggested procedure for deleting your account (see below).

Deleting Your Account - In the Members Area, there is a link to delete your account. This will ONLY delete your account records with PageSwirl. This will NOT end your paid subscription to PageSwirl with Paypal.

It is the responsibility of each PRO member who desires to delete their account to also properly terminate their own PayPal payment subscription to PageSwirl. Since you are the only one authorized to cancel your PayPal subscription, neither the owners or the staff of PageSwirl.com will be held liable if you forget to do so.

Questions? Contact PageSwirl support.

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