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"Drive LASER-Targeted Visitors To Your Website... Starting Today... By Including PageSwirl's New TextAd (Link) Boxes On Your Website -- And Receive Another 'Long-Term' Residual Income 'Generator' At The Same Time!"

"Join PageSwirl's New TextAd Exchange Today!"

We took the traffic building features of a banner exchange and the ease of text and put them together. Instead of rotating huge images, we rotate small textual links we like to call "PageSwirl TextAds"

We all need targeted traffic to our websites!

You can now use this FREE service (from and start getting the targeted traffic you've been looking for in a matter of hours. Simply, by displaying your customized links on your site... you will start racking up the credits in no time at all!

Moreover, you can display anywhere up to 5 links at a time within a link box. Every link that you display equals one impression. So if you decide to show 5 links in your link box, you may get from 2 to 5 credits (depends on your exchange ratio) for every unique page view. I can't think of any banner exchange services that lets you earn so many credits on every page view?

If that wasn't enough... you can earn free impressions by referring other members. Any time someone follows your link ("Add your link") to your PageSwirl affiliate site and decides to sign up, we will add 100 free credits to your account.

Must See... Unique Dynamic Exchange Ratio!

Unlike the many banner exchange services that have fixed and unfair exchange ratio (usually 50%), we have a dynamic one which is recalculated every hour for every member.

Click here to see our current exchange ratios.

This is where it gets really good... Our exchange ratio is based on the quality of traffic you send. The more clicks you send, the higher your exchange ratio is. Members, whose click thru ratio is highest, gets 100% exchange ratio.

By placing links from "proper categories" (over 100) on the top of your pages you'll get an exchange ratio close to 90%.

With your current Free PageSwirl TextAd membership, you get the following benefits:

  • Simple coding and no need to have a banner image.
  • Flexible and very generous exchange ratio - up to 100%
  • Easily build your PageSwirl downline at 10x's the normal speed!
  • 5 level referral program.
  • Get 100 TextAd credits for each PageSwirl referral.
  • Earn long-term residual income through your PageSwirl membership!
  • You can also purchase additional credits.

If you are a current PageSwirl member, click here to login. After you've logged in, click on the "TextAd Exchange" link on the main menu bar.

Other wise -- Join for Free right now by filling out the form and clicking on the "Continue" button below!

Your PageSwirl sponsor is Emeka Onyeagoro

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